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New Album from Srdjan Beronja: Sounds Of The East: Master Musicians, Hissing Cobras and a Dawn Chorus

New Album from Srdjan Beronja: Sounds Of The East: Master Musicians, Hissing Cobras and a Dawn Chorus

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New Scorsese Movie ‘Silence’ features music by master Japanese drummer, Joji Hirota

New Scorsese Movie ‘Silence’ features music by master Japanese drummer, Joji Hirota

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Hanitra’s inspiring new album ‘Lasa’ – from the heart of Madagascar

Hanitra’s inspiring new album ‘Lasa’ – from the heart of Madagascar

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Songs from the traditional treasure chest of Serbia and The Balkans

Songs from the traditional treasure chest of Serbia and The Balkans

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Welcome to ARC Music

ARC Music offers the largest selection of world and ethnic music from all corners of the globe. Established in 1976, we are the original world music label.

The catalogue covers a wide selection of music including Kantele music from Finland, music of the North American Indians, Didgeridoo music from Australia, Punjabi Pop or Bhangra from India, Chinese Dulcimer, Japanese Koto, Middle Eastern percussion, music from Tahiti and much more. We cater for every purse, from our high quality low price series, to the popular mid price range and to collector items in the high price category.


Like many great stories this one started with an idea, with the enthusiasm and with the work (and lots of it) of one man - Horst Tubbesing. Horst recognised the difficulty encountered by many talented artists in obtaining recording contracts; so starting out in Germany, originally with a few vinyl recordings to suit the needs of touring artists from Bolivia, he founded the label 'Eulenspiegel' (this is where the EU of our album product numbers comes from and our logo of the winking owl with a mirror – Eulenspiegel literally means “Owl’s Mirror”).

ARC Music owl logo image

As the original pioneers in world music we have come a long way. We are now an international company, with an in-house recording studio, in-house graphic design and in-house mastering - all this with our first ever release - the Bolivian EUCD1001, still selling after more than 30 years. From selling a few vinyl recordings from the back of a Citroen 2CV in 1976 to an international company delivering thousands of CDs each week to all corners of the world, the journey has not always been easy.

The 1980’s

ARC Music was the first to put folk & world music on CD in the 80’s and with these we were the first world music label to get into the international market. We relocated to England in 1988.

The 1990’s

The 1990s brought huge expansion for ARC Music. Not only in our level of operation, which increased by over 600% and saw the number of international distributors increase to more than 80, but also in the diversity of our catalogue. We added the first of our many successful Japanese taiko CDs, music of the Finnish kantele, some Balinese gamelan, as well as a number of albums from the world’s leading belly dance artists.

In 1997 we began a relationship with the folklore festival “Mondial des Cultures de Drummondville” in Quebec, Canada, in which we were granted exclusive rights to record the artists performing at the festival. To date this relationship has resulted in over 50 CDs of authentic folk music released by ARC Music.

In 1998 we established the first version of our website with 400 titles listed, receiving around 150,000 hits in the first 3 months alone. We also released the revolutionary “Catalogue-on-CD”, consisting of 10 CDs and over 11 hours of music. This unique set of CDs contains hundreds of clips from hundreds of ARC Music albums and is believed to be the largest collection of sounds from around the world.

The 2000’s

In the 00’s ARC Music became part of the ‘Digital Revolution’, with our music being made available through iTunes and other digital retailers.

Key releases included the incredibly successful Flamenco Arabe albums, our series of Bhangra compilations, the long-awaited ‘Agwaya’ release on CD by Tanzanian-Zairean soukous group Orchestra Makassy, and “Voices of Southern Africa” by Insingizi, the North-American release of which going on to sell well in excess of 250,000 copies.

Our music was used in some of the biggest Hollywood movies of the decade, such as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The 40 Year Old Virgin, James Bond: Casino Royale and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

The 2010’s

Watch this space…

There are numerous other achievements of which we are proud but our heart is warmest with the fact that we have brought joy to millions of people around the world through our music - this being the true purpose of our work.


Music is one of the highest aesthetic art forms on earth and we believe it is very important to life and the survival of the society at large, thus we have a goal - "Aesthetic music in a drug-free culture".


“Those familiar with some of the staggering array of world music produced by ARC Music, the oldest such label… will be aware that they not only introduce the listener to fine traditional music but also to tradition as a template for the production of music that is new and creatively substantial. By eschewing the ephemerally trendy in order to feature such highly talented artists… they ensure that the tradition will never die.” – Diaspora, Australia

“ARC Music… seem to have access to a bottomless wealth of folk and roots music from every corner of the world…” – Songlines Magazine, UK

"...authenticity and raw energy." - Dirty Linen, USA

"...uniformly breathtaking." - Pulse! Tower, USA

"...riveting intensity..." - Rhythm Music, USA

"...powerful, emotional music."- The Warsaw Voice, Poland

"ARC Music is absolutely VITAL to any serious world music operation." - DX Radio Network, USA


"...I can rely 100% that the music on the CD will be as good as your descriptions about the artists tell me in writing. I will buy 'Turkish Bellydance' and 'Adzido' and I know even before I have heard these CDs that the quality and the choice of pieces will definitely be good." - I.G.

"GOOD recordings are worth their price and especially with ARC I am willing to pay more, as such recordings are hard to come by." - T.E.

"ARC CDs I can buy without prior listening to them. I have never been disappointed - they were always very good and well worth the money." - K.N.


ARC Music has been awarded the prestigious "Medal of Science & Art" of the Albert Schweitzer Society ÖASG.

The Society of ÖASG (Österreichische Albert Schweitzer-Gesellschaft) has been established since 1984. The world famous humanitarian Albert Schweitzer was a doctor of medicine, theology and philosophy. He was also an author and a very well-known musician. In fact he was an organ specialist and created a renaissance of Johann Sebastian Bach's music in Europe. Most importantly he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1953.

The Albert Schweitzer Society was set up to keep the name and work of Albert Schweitzer alive and to provide honours and diplomas to persons and organizations who are achieving similar goals in the world. These achievements and merits are in the domain of the arts, sciences, culture, music, literature, journalism, etc. Horst Tubbesing, the founder of ARC Music, was awarded an "Honour-plaque" and diploma by ÖASG for his work in the arts. And ARC Music was awarded the "Honour Medal for Science & Art" together with a diploma. The main reason for this was for our production of aesthetic music and our goal which is "Aesthetic music in a drug-free culture".

The Albert Schweitzer Society believes that it is important to bring good things to the children of the world as they are the next generation. ÖASG has commended us for the production of our music and for spreading the message of our goal because these things affect young people positively thus creating a better world.

ARC Music has been awarded the St.A.A. "Special Award 1998" of the Order of the St. Andrew Association.

The St. Andrew Association (St.A.A.) is the "Cultural Division" of the Order of St. Andrew (est. 1688 in Scotland). It has a goal to build international co-operations in the domains of culture, arts and sciences and also honours achievements through awards et al. ARC Music was honoured in relation to its excellent achievements in the support of folklore music, especially in the field of Scottish and Celtic music and the conservation of traditions and cultural heritage which has specific relevance to the St.A.A.. Through our many recordings of folk, Celtic and Scottish pipes & drums, ARC Music therefore has been awarded with the "Special Award 1998" from the St. Andrew Association.

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