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Mary Ann Kennedy’s 1st Solo International Release: Gaelic Songs for a Modern World

Showcasing Gaelic as a living, breathing language of today, ‘An Dàn’ is the debut solo album from broadcaster, writer, producer and award-winning musician, Mary Ann Kennedy. Mary Ann Kennedy is a much-loved and respected BBC Radio 3 personality at both a national and regional level, fronting major series and specials on world and traditional Scottish and Irish music. ‘An Dàn’ celebrates her Gaelic world of urban and rural, from the homeland to the diaspora, and is Mary Ann Kennedy’s first solo album.

New Series: ‘Musical Explorers : Colours Of Raga’ curated by Simon Broughton

ARC Music is proud to release the first in a new world music series: ‘Musical Explorers: Colours Of Raga’ as recorded (CD) and filmed (DVD) by the late ethnomusicologist Deben Bhattacharya (1920-2001). 'Musical Explorers' seeks to document the historic works of musicians and ethnomusicologists who brought attention to the burgeoning world music scene in the 20th century.

New Album ‘Beautiful World’ From Namibia’s #1 Acoustic Roots Songwriter – Elemotho

"A life lived without a dream is like a stream without water" - Elemotho Two musicians sit under the shade of acacia trees with the Namibian sun beating down, blue sky above, the city of Windhoek lies in the far distance. Singer/songwriter Elemotho introduces the title track from his new album ‘Beautiful World’ on YouTube and performs it flawlessly with Samuel Batola (Congo Brazza).