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New Artist Submissions

If you think you have the right style of music for our label (bearing in mind we are a world & folk music label), you can send us a demo track/CD as well as information about you or your group and we will review this.

In the event that we are interested, please provide contact information so that we can get in touch with you to discuss the possibility of future projects.

We look forward to hearing from you and hearing your music.

How to submit your tracks or CDs?

1) Submit by email

If the total file size you intend to send by email is under 10mb you can submit by email. Attach your track(s) and address your message to the Artists and Repertoire Department, email:

2) Submit large files larger than 10mb

In the event that the files you are sending total as higher than 10mb you can use websites such as the following to send us the files safely:

3) Submit by post

Post CDs and info to:

A & R Department
ARC Music Productions International
PO Box 111
East Grinstead
West Sussex
RH19 4FZ
United Kingdom