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Dhoad Gypsies

Cultural Ambassadors of Rajasthan


The Dhoad family comes from the wild and magnificent Thar desert in the north-western Indian province of Rajasthan. This is the land that inspired the Maharajas to build their beautiful palaces reminiscent of the Thousand-and-One Nights – the original land of the gypsies, of numerous troubadours and wandering musicians who travelled from town to town to entertain princes and their courtiers.

Rajasthan is a land of ancient music and spiritual tradition, the birthplace of a wealth of cultural traditions and know-how that have been passed down through the ages, from generation to generation, by poets, musicians, dancers and fakirs. The heritage they have left behind is spiritual, artistic and musical. It has inspired a way of life in which love, happiness, suffering and death are all expressed through song…

The music of the Dhoad Gypsies is music of ecstasy, of majestic climaxes, punctuated by gentle gestures of breath-taking tunes. Dhoad brings to life the passion and epic heroism of their forefathers. Their harmonies transform the monotony of everyday life with the enchanting sounds of the desert. To watch and listen to their performances is an authentic and magical experience. Having performed over twelve-hundred concerts in over one hundred countries, Dhoad are known today as the “Cultural Ambassadors of Rajasthan”.