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Zeyn’el’s ultimate message is one of awareness and hope.


Zeyn’el’s ultimate message is one of awareness and hope.

The profound lessons relayed through the folk songs he heard as a child sparked inspiration in the young Zeyn’el, leading him to study philosophy. He went on to blossom as an indie-folk singer, songwriter, and justice-seeker. Born in Istanbul, he has been immersed in the Anatolian "Aşık/ozan" traditions from an early age. Ever the explorer, Zeyn’el’s innate curiosity has led him to discover new sounds from the Americas, Central Asia and the Middle East, and the opportunity to reflect on the histories of these regions. He discovered that the themes of his heritage resonate with many cultures, as similar tropes of injustice pervade throughout the world.

With such diverse inspiration, it is perhaps not surprising that Zeyn’el produces a unique sound. Accomplished in playing the banjo, ukelele, guitar, and his self-modified merlin dulcimer, Zeyn’el has also evolved his tuning style to allow for a sound more suited to Anatolian music. By combining these musical skills, his philosophical learnings, and the messages passed down from the past, Zeyn’el creates a bold blend of old and new. A captivating combination of Western influences and Turkish-Anatolian tradition that highlights issues of great ethical significance. Sadly, some of these issues are as prominent and relevant today as they were centuries ago.

By truly understanding the profound and ancient words of the past, we can provide a better future for all. A future where truth, love and kindness are the weapons of justice. A justice that is divine.